Phuket Heart & Soul Divers
The name says it all

Heart & Soul Divers is actually Phuket's famous Dive Center for everybody, but even so...

... Heart & Soul Divers is the exclusive Dive Center for the renowned Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club, located in Phuket, Thailand. We offer an extensive list
of dive activities, ranging from Bubblemaker courses
for the youngest divers to Divemaster courses for
professionals, as well as a large selection of dive trips for certified divers. Regardless of the course you choose, you'll find our team both passionate and

From teaching you the fundamentals of diving and
staying safe to our instructors' attitudes and our choice of equipment, we only offer:

The HIGHEST quality and OUTSTANDING service


We Offer Our Customers:

Complimentary dive insurance for all customers who dive
with us

Instructors with specialized training in dive education for
children 8 years and up

New equipment of the highest quality and tailor-made (use of 5-10 liter tanks, customized wetsuits and regulators for children)

Personal dive computers available

All dive equipment thoroughly washed and disinfected after every dive

Dive excursions (day trips and/or liveaboards) are booked only on the most comfortable boats, such as our Similan Island trip on outstanding liveaboards, i.e. White Manta

Complimentary personal taxi service from your home or school to the pier and back


Breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks are provided throughout your excursion

Detailed customer information in several languages (dependent on specific courses and excursions), as well as detailed
briefings about each dive site

Flexibility to fulfill your wishes and accommodate your itinerary

All trips can be booked for snorkelers and/or non-divers

We do not offer:
Discount quality for discount prices